Tell me about the property you’re selling or your dream home. Let me know the area, the type of property such as a multiplex with monthly revenue which offsets the monthly expense of ownership. Maybe your ready for the lifestyle shift to a worry and maintenance free condo. Provide me your desired price or budget, and anything else that you think might help me to best match you with a great property. I'll analyze your information and compare it to my proprietary database. In addition to area, property, and pricing info, I look at metrics like area tax rates, observational data, and consumer reviews to find the happy factor with recent purchasers to the area.

It's been said that you've met one real estate've met them all. There could be some truth in that statement since all brokers want to succeed and build a lasting reputation. However, some brokers often fall into the trap of doing great marketing but aren't so great at time management. They often take on to many clients at a time and clients often suffer as a result. This means fewer open houses, rarely are present for your house visits, or worse, bring in a stand-in broker to babysit there open houses which often leaves you the client feeling uncomfortable and neglected. It's very lucrative to juggle multiple files at a time, but not at the expense of my clients who depend on me to sell their home, or find them their new home. Simply put, I take on enough clients to ensure a great service, but not one more that it starts degrading the quality of service my clients deserve. This means more open houses for you. I'm present for all your home visits and I'm available to answer the phone when you call. This is my strategy and my commitment to you, My clients appreciate the professionalism and quality representation I provide. They feel like I'm really looking out for their best interest....and guess what, I am!   Call me today for a free consultation.  Thank you.

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